Welcome to Our Website

We believe your time spend here will be a blessing, and will help spread the Gospel.

We are a small group of choir members from various countries in Africa, which include: Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. We sing and praise God during Mass. We started at St. Peter’s Parish in Worcester Massachusetts, United States, in the lower Chapel where we would congregate once a month for Swahili Mass.  In 2007, the African Ministry relocated to St. Andrew’s, while still under St. Peter’s Parish. We also relocated, and to this date, we continue animating Mass every Sunday from 11:30 AM.

Looking back from where we started, we see tremendous progress in our singing.  This came about as a result of commitment and relentless efforts from each of our beloved members who never tired to continue pressing forward even when there were hurdles on the way. As a result of this progress, in 2015, we decided to challenge ourselves even more by starting to work on a project that would see us record gospel music album for digital distribution. We believed that through the songs we record, we will be able to spread the word of God across the globe and reach wider audience. We are still working on this project, and our first audio CD will be launched on December, 3rd 2016 in Worcester, MA, United States.

We welcome you to spread the Gospel with us by supporting our cause, or by joining our choir.